More Thoughts on Camping

Our summer-long sojourn has gone pretty well so far. We have seen a lot of country. Even toured places where we used to live, places where we played, and places where we worked. The mountains were beautiful and everything was green because of the afternoon showers. And I can freely admit it, the revisiting didn’t […]

Adventures in Camping

Six days after I retired, Hubby and I bought a brand-new pop-up tent trailer for camping.   We didn’t start out thinking we would buy one, but had planned to spend the summer sleeping in our tent with our cots and blow-up mattress pads. Funny how when faced with 4 months of sleeping discomfort, purchasing decisions […]

Thoughts on Four Women

In my travels during the month since I retired, I have been with four elderly women, ranging in age from 77 to 96, who have interesting stories. The four of them demonstrate different abilities and places which might serve as a lesson for all of us. The youngest lies in a bed in a low-grade […]

Thoughts on Writing Books

Maybe you’ve noticed that this website says “Books by C.S. Kjar” and maybe you’re wondering where those books are. They are still on my computer, being edited and rewritten, and made as good as I can make them before releasing them. I love writing and have for a long time. I have written five books […]