Thoughts on the End of 2014

The tree and its ornaments are put away for another year or two or until Grandson comes back. The refrigerator and freezer are full of leftovers, the remains of the feeding frenzy of the holidays. Wrapping paper, bows, and bags are stored for the season. The many rolls of tape are in the drawer with […]

Thoughts on Last Minute Gifts

It’s only a few days before Christmas and I am struggling to finish homemade Christmas gifts. I tried not to wait until the last minute to start, starting three weeks before Christmas. It’s not my fault that I’ve had to rip out so many seams. Is it? When I’m in a hurry, why does every […]

Thoughts on Cooking

There are two kinds of cooks in the world: dumpers and measurers. You know what those are? Dumpers guess at amounts of ingredients in recipes. Usually dumpers have cooked for a while and can estimate amounts of ingredients in recipes.   They usually have recipes memorized so their cookbooks are largely in their heads or make […]

Thoughts on Geocaching

For years, I’ve been telling Hubby to find a hobby. I have lots of hobbies and enjoy them all. They give a sense of purpose and fulfill a need to accomplish something. Everyone needs hobbies during retirement. Hubby was introduced to the hobby of geocaching by his uncle and now he is enjoying searching for […]