Stepping Away For a Bit

I’ve enjoyed writing a new blog each week, trying to keep people entertained and thinking. I’ve always been a wallflower when in a crowd and held my tongue in lots of conversations. This platform has allowed me to say what I’m thinking and express my feelings about things. It’s been a freeing endeavor for me. […]

Thoughts on Pizza

Pizza is the perfect food for me. It has vegetables, meat (optional), dairy, and carbs. A well-balanced meal which is what my doctor told me to eat. But as with anything, too much pizza is not good for you. The pizza we order seems really greasy which is what gives it the crispy crust and […]

Thoughts on Getting Old

I had a birthday this past week which began my last year of being in my 50s.  I’m not particularly upset about that or ashamed of my age.  I figure I’m blessed to have lived so long.  I had a cousin, Lori, who died of breast cancer when she was 40, leaving behind two preschool […]

Thoughts on My Grandson

I have one grandchild, which is one more than I thought I’d ever have. I was okay with having none. Not that I wouldn’t have like a whole bunch of them, but it would not ruin my life to have no grandchildren. I would just adopt some and be just as happy. Then along came […]