Thoughts on Worry

I had a strange thing happen on my Las Vegas-to-Boise flight home. I sat in a seat next to the window and when two young women sat next to me, I was pleased to have these seatmates (as opposed to business men who hog the armrests). Immediately upon sitting, the middle-seater turned her back to […]

Thoughts on Texas Driving

First let me preface what I’m going to say with, I’m a native Texan and I love Texas.  I have lots of family there and I hope to live there again someday after everyone forgets I said all this. Now, let me talk about Texas driving.  It’s fast.  It’s assertive.  And I wonder why does […]

Thoughts on Love

Last week I attended our annual church camp meeting in Oklahoma.  A lot of people were there that I didn’t know well, but there were also lots of people that I knew from way back.  Seeing old friends again makes my heart swell with joy and happy memories come flooding back to me.  The feeling […]

Thoughts on London

                Whew!  Home at last! Hubby and I took our very first outside-the-U.S. trip (not counting our little forays into Mexican border towns—those don’t count).  We spent a week in London and 2 ½ weeks in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  The trip took care of several items on my bucket list. When […]