Thoughts on Campfires

Throughout our childhoods, both Hubby’s and my families went camping from time to time. Hubby’s family went far more than my family. We had a farm so it was hard to get away from the chores with the milk cow and chickens. So when my family went, it was a huge deal. The biggest fun […]

Thoughts on Pierre, South Dakota

In our summer sojourn this year, Hubby and I stayed for several days in Pierre, South Dakota. If you call the town Pee-air, people know you’ve never been there. However, if you call the town by its correct pronunciation, you will call the town “Peer” just like the people of the Dakotas. Pierre is Hubby’s […]

Thoughts on Camping

Ever watch that old show called Green Acres? The husband wanted to move to the country and his high-society wife wanted to stay in New York City. The man won the battle and out to the country they moved. That show sort of describes how Hubby and I decided how to go camping the next […]

Thoughts on Oregon Driving

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about driving in Texas. They have short ramps and high speed limits. Now let me tell you about driving in Oregon. They have long ramps and low speed limits. But that doesn’t mean people obey those limits. We can drive across Oregon to see Grandson and […]

Thoughts on My Grandson

We just got back from being with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson for a few days. Time spent with Grandson is very precious to me. He’s growing up so fast. He’s past the baby stage and is getting into the little boy stage. He can carry a conversation with me and ask questions that I’m […]