New Thoughts on Retirement

I had lunch with a friend last week. She and I worked together for seven years and she retired a few months after I did so we have a lot in common. We both love retirement, but we both miss our friends at work, but not enough to wish we were back there. We talked […]

Thoughts on Hosting Family

We live a long ways from our families so we when we have the rare opportunity to host family members, it’s a thrill! I even break out the apron and plan meals to cook. I don’t do that when it’s just Hubby and I. Our meal planning usually consists of, “What do you want for […]

Thoughts on Traveling Through History

Back home again. After almost four weeks of travel, it was good to get back into my own home. My half-way neat home turned into a storage area until we got all the bags, boxes, and sacks put away, all while wondering how we ended up at home with so much stuff. It seemed to […]