Thoughts on Writing Books

As you may know, the past couple of weeks have been unusual (read my previous blog to understand more) and my writing time has been limited to during naptimes and after bedtimes. In spite of the limited time, I finished the first draft of my second novel and have made really good progress on the […]

Thoughts on Grandsons

It was an exciting week. My grandmotherdom grew by one. I have another grandson, bringing my total grandchild count to two. That’s likely the highest it will go and considering that at one point in time, I thought I’d never have any at all, I am very happy about having two grandsons. They bring a […]

Thoughts on International Travel

I lived a long time without every stepping foot outside the United States, other than a mile or two across the Mexican border back in the days when drug cartels didn’t control everything. I wanted to go to Egypt and the Middle East to see the ruins of towns I’d read about in the Bible. […]

Thoughts About Vehicles

Hubby and I drive older vehicles. We bought a brand new Honda Accord in 2002 and we still drive it. Our Toyota pickup is a couple of years older and looks pristine. We take good care of our vehicles so we can drive them for a long time. We are an enigma to most car […]

Thoughts on 2016

Can you believe it? It’s 2016. This year is a big one because I and many of my friends reach 60 years of age. It doesn’t scare me and I hope it doesn’t scare them either. I feel very blessed to have lived so long in good health. Others of my cadre have not been […]