Thoughts on Being a Judgmental Fool

I am writing a book about my life. I have one chapter on the occasions when I found myself to be judgmental fool and the life lessons I learned when I realized what I’d done. I submitted the following to a writing contest and I won the category for best Bible Study writing. “For if […]

Thoughts on My Woman Castle

I’ve been hard at work this past week. I pieced together a quilt top and got it to the quilting place. It should be done in time to use on our summer sojourn. When I retired, my co-workers gave me a very nice gift certificate to my favorite quilt store. I got two of the […]

Thoughts on the Election

When it comes to elections, I appreciate the right to vote and exercise that right as often as I can. I’m registered as an independent voter because I don’t like any of the parties and don’t want to be affiliated with one. I vote in almost every election, even in local elections where no one […]