Thoughts about My Shoes

As Hubby was locking the door before we left on an evening stroll, I looked down at my old walking shoes and thought, What would they say if they could talk? Hummm. They’d probably say, “You’re crushing us! Get off!” Silly shoes. I first met these shoes in Woodburn, Oregon on a clearance shelf in […]

Thoughts on Bruneau Dunes

Hubby and I took our new used motorhome out for a trial run. We plan to spend five months in it so we wanted to make sure everything is in working order before we head out. Our first camping trip took us to Bruneau Dunes State Park. It’s a lovely place with giant sand dunes […]

Thoughts on Turning 60

I passed a big milestone this past week. I turned 60. Yes, the big six zero. The decade of more aches, pains, Social Security (if it’s still there), Medicare (same comment), and eccentricity. I’ve been dabbling in that last one more and more as I got nearer this age. Now that I’ve reached “maturity,” I […]

Thoughts on Old Friends

Old friends are some of my greatest blessings. When I refer to “old friends,” I’m not talking about their ages. I’m talking about how long we’ve known each other. Old friends are those who I’ve known since childhood. Long-term friendships are amazing because the relationships get sweeter as the years go by. The best part […]