Thoughts on Packing for a Trip

The summer sojourn has begun. This year will be a long time away from home, but I’m keeping a good attitude about it. There’s so many things to see and do everywhere. I’m blessed in that I have friends all over and it’s such a joy to see them all. This year we have a […]

Thoughts on the Month of May

For Hubby and me, the month of May is the month of preparation for and launch of summer travels. There’s always so much to do and organize to get ready to go. I have to visit all my friends to say a tearful good-bye and visit my hair stylist one last time. Hubby makes sure […]

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day! Or rather Mother’s Week! Why settle for a day to honor someone who loves us for life? So do something for your mother all week and see how many ways you can honor her. Parenting is a hard job and a lot of work when done right. It’s setting boundaries and enforcing […]

Thoughts on Good Health

Going to my doctor for my annual checkup after I turned 60 turned into an ordeal. I was surprised to find that I’ve shrunk half an inch. At 60, I faced the rituals of this new decade of my life. My doctors want to check everything inside and out. It’s like my warranty has run […]