More Thoughts on Campground Observations

Campground life is interesting to watch. You see people at play and at leisure, meaning they are usually happy people. There’s an occasional outburst when the tent isn’t going up as it should or wives aren’t spotting their husbands as they back up trailers like the husband think they should. But once settled in, most […]

Thoughts on Campground Observations

Hubby spends much of our campground time out hiking and biking. Since I’m not the outdoor enthusiast he is, I stick around the motorhome and write or go for walks (no high mileage trekking for me!). I’ve made several observations as I sit in the campground minding my own business. Some people have difficulties backing […]

Thoughts on Medical Workers

This past week, my mother-in-law (MIL) was in the hospital for emergency surgery. She’s still in the hospital, but is doing well. She’ll be moving to rehab very soon. Thanks for all your prayers. The experience in the emergency room and ICU left me grateful for those people who are doctors and nurses. The level […]

Thoughts on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

This weekend, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally officially began. It’s a massive gathering of those who love motorcycles, mainly Harleys, in the Black Hills of South Dakota. When we lived here, I tried to leave the state during the first week of August to avoid the hundreds of thousands of bikers. Our schedule this year has […]