Thoughts on the Writing Process

This past week, I received the book proofs of my first nonfiction book. I sent it out to my team to review and comment on. I couldn’t do go on without their help and advice so a big thanks to Aunt Nette, Julie, and Andrea for volunteering to help me out. This new book is […]

Thoughts on the Weird Wacky Winter

This week, I stretched my poetry skills. I hope it will give you a chuckle. I’m tired of snow, in the air and on the ground. I can’t get away from it, it’s all around. It comes and comes, it won’t ever stop, Inches upon inches upon inches on top. It stays and stays and […]

Thoughts on More Snow

It’s been an unusual week. Boise is reeling under the effects of Jupiter, the storm, that dumped more snow here than they’ve had in many decades. We had snow for 5 days, then rain for two days, then freezing temperatures. The city and county don’t have enough manpower, equipment, or budget to deal with the […]

Thoughts on Snow

We are buried in snow. Not snow depths of Colorado, Montana, or Yellowstone, but for here in Boise, we’ve got about a foot on the ground, more snow than in more than 30 years. No one is prepared for it. When it first came, we had warm weather and it started melting. Most roofs have […]

Thoughts on the New Year

Can you believe that it’s 2017? Ready or not, it’s here. Beginning a new year, we have hopes and expectations for the year. We hope it will be a good one for us. For me, the past year was a great one. I had a lot of successes and adventures. My family is still with […]