Thoughts on Elementary Teachers

Do you remember your elementary school teachers? I do. I remember them all and everything they taught me. Well, maybe not EVERYthing, but the big stuff. And maybe not all of their names, but I remember their faces. My first first grade teacher was Mrs. Odom. She wrote four-line poems on the board every morning […]

Thoughts on Texas Ranches

After last week’s blog about a Texas cowboy, I’ve been thinking about the big Texas ranches that are larger than some states. You know how everything is bigger in Texas? Well, that’s especially true for some of the ranches there. Many have been around for over 100 years and some have been sold off or […]

Thoughts on Cowboys

Lately I’ve been thinking about the people I’ve met in my lifetime. Recently, my thoughts gathered around someone I knew in childhood in Texas. Wayne Piper. Wayne was a cowboy. A real honest-to-goodness cowboy. He worked cattle all day long and was literally bowlegged from riding horses his whole life. He was an interesting man. […]

Thoughts on Time

This week got away from me. It was Monday one day and Friday the next. I’m not sure what happened to the middle, but it must have sped by in there somewhere. It got me to thinking about Einstein and his theory of time. He said time slows as you go faster. For example, if […]