Thoughts on Sisterhoods

On my long journey this summer, I hooked up with a group of women who met each morning at a charming coffee shop in Spearfish, South Dakota. Two of the women are good friends of mine. When we lived there, we were neighbors, and our husbands worked in the same office. We went to lunch […]

Thoughts on Being Gone From Home

I’ve been gone from home for almost 9 weeks. I spent most of them in Texas visiting family. I love seeing them. The rest I spent with Hubby in the Black Hills of South Dakota, his home state. We lived here on and off for 16 years so we have many friends in the area. […]

Thoughts on Hurtful Words

Whoever came up with the adage, “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” was really dumb. The adage is usually recited by those who are wounded by words to hid their hurting hearts. It’s really a lie. Once hurtful words are spoken, they are forever recorded in the hearts […]

Thoughts on Texas

Most people know that I’m a native Texan. I was born in the giant state and lived here until I was 11. At age 12, my parents drug me off to Colorado where I was teased for my accent and my inability to breathe at 6900 feet in elevation. I’ve been in Texas now for […]