Thoughts on Grandsons

For the past two weeks, Hubby and I have assisted our son in the care of our grandsons. Our daughter-in-law was on a business trip to western Africa, and the boys are too much of a handful for one person. Besides, it gets lonely for our son. The boys are close and play well together, […]

Thoughts on Christmas Traditions

How did your Christmas traditions begin? Were they passed down or did you start them? Before Hubby and I got married, we never discussed how we would celebrate holidays. So many other points of discussion too precedence, and rightfully so. When our first Christmas together as a couple came around, I assumed we’d be with […]

Thoughts on #MeToo

With all the news about sexual harassment, memories I thought I’d put behind me have bubbled up again. I’m one of the #MeToo people that was demeaned back in the days when I was young, thin, pretty, unmarried, and totally naïve. I don’t call it an assault because no violence was involved. What I experienced […]

Thoughts about a Preacher

This past week, a preacher I’ve known since my middle-teenaged years passed away. He was a very wise man and knew the Bible backwards and forwards. He could quote chapter, verse, and scripture from heart as well as anyone who’s ever lived. He was a wise man, highly respected by many. People came from miles […]

Thoughts on the Holidays

Last night, I went to dinner and the theater with girlfriends. It was the continuing saga of em>The Five Grannies Go Out on the Town. We do this once a year during the Christmas season. It’s like our own private Christmas party. We always have a great time together. Before, we went to the historic […]