Thoughts and Prayers

A letter to the editor in our local newspaper made me sad. It said, “…thoughts and prayers do not stop high-powered weapons. Enough thoughts and prayers, that has not worked.” What made me sad is that the term “thoughts and prayers” has become meaningless. People reject it as something that doesn’t “work” and imply that […]

Inspiration from the Chewbacca Mom

This past week, I attended a conference called Smart Women Smart Money. The objective of the conference is to educate women, especially those who are single parents, about how to manage money and improve their situations. This year’s break-out sessions included starting and managing a small business. I was interested in those, but the biggest […]

Thoughts on Dreams

When I was a teenager, my mother told us about how she laughed in her sleep one night. She laughed so hard that she woke my dad up, and he woke her up from that funny dream. She was dreaming that she and my dad were teaching school. She introduced herself as Mrs. Green, then […]

Thoughts on Winter Weather

A year ago, we were buried under nearly two feet of snow and ice. The temps were mostly below freezing. Everyone in the neighborhood had large icicles hanging off the eaves. Hubby had nearly worn out our snow shovel with all the snowfalls. The streets around our house were so icy and rutted that it […]