To Paint or Not to Paint

My 11th anniversary of moving to Boise is coming up soon. I’m having a hard time grasping that because it doesn’t seem anywhere near that long. The only place I’ve longer than here is Bayfield, but even there, we lived in four different places (family home, apartment, trailer house, and house). Hubby and I have […]

Thanks, “Unproductive” America!

This past week, I heard a comment from a former presidential candidate who talked about the middle parts of the country where the “unproductive” people lived. She previously referred to us as deplorables. I’ve always lived in the “unproductive” part of the country, and I love it here. Some of the best people on earth […]

What in a Name?

Years ago, I remember my mother saying that she named her children so that they’d all be called by their first name. Both she and my dad use their middle names as their common names, instead of their first names. The world of legal forms wasn’t set up for people who use their middle names […]

Thoughts on Being Sick

I’ve been sick. I’m not sick that often so it’s really hard when I am. Most years the only time I visit the doctor is for my annual checkup. I’m very blessed in that way. I’ve always been very healthy, and I don’t take that for granted. Part of my daily prayer is saying thanks […]