Thanks to the Firefighters

You know how I know it’s summer without looking at the thermometer or calendar? The valley is full of smoke. We have smoke from the fires north of Boise, plus our weather is pulling in smoke from Oregon and northern California. Our air quality will go down until a front comes through and blows it […]

Have I Made A Difference?

When I became a board member of the Idaho Creative Authors Network (ICAN), I was asked to give a quote that would inspire others. That got me to thinking about two things: have I ever inspired anyone and have I ever said anything inspiring. I’ve always tried to be a good influence on people around […]

I’m-cough, sneeze-home again!

My June trip to other lands is over and behind me. And thanks to antibiotics, I’m in good condition. The worst thing on trips is getting sick. When you feel bad, you want to be at home, in your own bed, with your own doctor nearby, your own TV and books to entertain you, and […]