What’s Going On?

Why is America becoming a killing field? Civil unrest is becoming civil war, only there’s nothing civil about it. The turmoil of the late 1960s has returned. It scared me then, even though I was only a teenager. It scares me more now. I hate to turn on the news anymore because I’ll have to […]

Being a Grandma is Hard Sometimes

It’s true. Being a grandma is hard sometimes. I love both of my grandsons with all my heart, and I love being with them. But sometimes it’s hard to keep from turning back into a mom and disciplining them like I did with my own children. My youngest grandson is a conniver. As soon as […]

My Weird Teaching Tools

Way back in the 1990s, I was a math teacher. I got into math because it was the only area I could teach and not be expected to coach anything. I’d never been an athlete or participated in any sports so the idea of me coaching a sport was laughable. History was and is my […]

Use Your Brain

Back in my teaching days long ago, I fought against the administration on one main topic: whether my students used calculators or not. This was back in the days before cell phones. I argued that students should learn multiplication tables in their head, and the administration said I should let my students use technology in […]