A Peek at Book 3

I just finished an intensive week of writing at the annual West Texas Writers Academy. I took a class offered for the first time to alumni only. A very special group of writers came together to work on unfinished projects. I went in with two sentences of the plot of The Secrets of the Storm, […]

Thanks, Hubby!

This past week has been crazy. Summer is here and the hubby and I go our separate ways to do the things we love to do. It’s an exciting, but busy time. Hubby is a planner so we usually have everything scheduled so it all goes smoothly. Most of the time. We were going to […]

Thoughts on Being Nice On-Line

Ever since the invention of FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets, people speak their minds in a way that was never before possible. Or if you want it put another way, it’s given a voice to the voiceless. In some ways, that’s a nice thing to have. In other ways, the privilege has […]

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’ve been (slowly) reading the book Laugh It Up! by Candace Payne. It’s an inspiring story of her life and the amazing lessons she shares with her readers. There’s a chapter about the lies she’s always told herself and how she’s turned some of them around. I thought about the lies I’ve told myself through […]

Lessons from Nature

Hubby and I participated in our subdivision’s yearly weed cleanup. We have a lot of weeds because our subdivision is along the Boise River. After last year’s flooding, all kinds of weeds are coming up where the soil was disturbed. We also have blackberry bushes that must be kept in check. After a few minutes […]

Thoughts on Learning and Networking

I went to the Idaho Writers Conference this past weekend. This is the second year I’ve attended, and I enjoyed it very much. They have great speakers who talk about the nuts-and-bolts of writing and getting traditionally published. Agents and editors come that we can talk to which I find very enlightening. Most of all, […]

Swimming Lessons

I’m very proud of Hubby. In his mid-60s, he’s decided to take swimming lessons at the Y. As he puts it, he doesn’t want to compete in an Iron Man triathlon, he just wants to know how to rescue himself if need be. His first lesson went well, and he had a lot of fun. […]

High School Graduations

High school graduations are fast approaching. In last week’s blog, I said I wished I’d gone to college right out of high school. What I didn’t say is that when I graduated from high school second in my class, I thought I was too dumb to go to college. I thought only really smart people […]