Good-bye 2019

This week marks the end of the Twenty-Teens decade and the beginning of the Twenty-Twenties. I’m having a hard time getting my head around the fact that 2020 has arrived. That date seems so…space-aged! Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars and interplanetary commerce by now? When I was a girl, I watched the Jetsons […]

Recycle Y’all

Hubby sometimes tracks the floating plastic mass the size of a small continent in the Pacific Ocean. No one knows what to do about it or how to clean it up. I have an idea. They could heat it so it all sticks together, cover it with dirt, plant a few trees, put a milk […]

In Full Swing

The holiday season is in full swing. I finished shopping early this year, or so I thought, until I realized I hadn’t bought anything for Hubby. And as our usual tradition, I forgot to shop for my own stocking stuffers, so it’s back out with the crowds this week to fulfill those last few items. […]

Generation Gaps

Last Sunday, I saw an editorial that praised the term “OK Boomer” as something all the Millennials and Gen X, Y, and Z should say. The basic tenet of the piece was that it’s okay to disrespect elders. It’s not a new idea, but it’s never been a good idea. To echo my grandfather, back […]


November 2019 is finally over, and I’m glad. I don’t mean to wish my life away, but it was a miserable month. Big plans blew up and the deaths of two special people in my life made it a month of tears and sorrow. Paul Bates died this month after suffering for a long time. […]

November 22, 1963

Like other major historical events, people may ask where were you when some major event happened. This past week, the newscaster asked if we remembered what we were doing when President Kennedy was assassinated. I remember it clearly. I was in second grade at the Alamo Elementary school in a little Texas town called Paducah. […]

Dealing with Disappointment

Every life is touched by disappointment of some sort and to some degree. Whether it’s the loss of an opportunity or item or a situation not turning out as planned, the crushing feeling of grief and sadness blend into emotions that are hard to shake. Rising out of disappointment and looking for a better tomorrow […]

Time with Daughter

My daughter and I try to plan a trip together once a year. There are places she and I want to go that our husbands don’t want to. Rather than miss out totally, we travel there together. We’ve experienced the magic of Disneyworld and Hogwarts at Universal which have been some of our best trips. […]