Confrontational Situations

The recent incident in Washington DC where high-school students were mocking a Native American elder while he sang a prayer really ticked me off. As the wider explanation was offered, the reasons for the faceoff became clearer. Nevertheless, a lot of things were done wrong. At the root of it all was a lack of […]

It Rolls On

And the government shut-down drags on… I went through the shutdown in 2013 and loved it. Hubby and I were set financially, having saved several months salaries to get buy in case of emergency. We’d heard that piece of advice since we first started working in the 70s, to have enough in savings to cover […]

Our Poor National Parks

Common sense. When I was younger, I was told to use common sense when I faced problems. Although no one really defined it for me, I knew what it was. I knew what was dangerous and what was not, what was legal and what was not, what was logic and what was not, and what […]