Keep Marching!

Have you ever been mixed up in something and wondered how you got there? I have. One notable time still makes Hubby double over in laughter. We were in Eugene, Oregon on a trip. We spent the night within sight of Duck Stadium so everything was green and yellow. The next morning, we went to […]

The Message Sent to Me

Recently, I attended a workshop about writing an artist statement. That’s a short paragraph about why an artist does what she does and what inspires her (or him). The instructor said to write our own artist statement, starting with why we write. The question seemed simple enough, and the answer was easy. I write because […]

Crazy Ideas

Ever have a crazy idea and it turned out to be just that? Crazy. I seem to excel at it. My trash bin has seen many of my crazy ideas pass through, and I was happy to be rid of them. Crazy ideas don’t just happen in your head. They bring all sorts of supplies […]

Blessings of a Cloud

Triple-digit temperatures hit Boise this weekend. This kind of heat is hard on people who work outside, the elderly, and those without air-conditioning. Remember to drink lots of water. I don’t do well in heat. It all started before our kids were born. Hubby and I were hiking in Canyonlands when I started feeling funny. […]