Arrival of Fall

Fall has arrived. How do I know? It’s not the leaves starting to turn. It’s not the garden plants looking tired. It’s not the coolness in the air. My sign of fall arriving is Hubby coming home from his summer job. He’ll be pointing his cabin-on-wheels to the west and coming over the mountains. He’s […]


With cooler temperatures coming in, I’ve been able to get out for walks and bike rides lately. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at all the other people who are emerging from their air-conditioned houses to do the same. I’m seeing some of the same people go by on my walks and rides, especially one older lady […]

Our Anniversary

This week, Hubby and I will celebrate our 43rd anniversary. That means we only have 17 more before we renegotiate our contract. When we married, we agreed to stay married for 60 years and then decide if we wanted to keep going or throw in the towel. Why 60 years? Right before we married, an […]

Kids in School

My grandsons will be in school this year. The oldest will be in first grade. He’s been reading and writing in English and Mandarin for a while for a while so I hope it’s not boring to him. The youngest will be in preschool. He’s been ready to go ever since they told him he […]