Touching the Earth

The other day, Hubby and I went for a drive through the countryside. I loved seeing all the fields, farm animals, barns, and the brown earth that had been freshly plowed. Trucks were hauling large crates of onions to the warehouses so the smell of onions filled the air. It’s similar to the feedlot smell, […]

Giving and Receiving

I have the most amazing hairstylist. Amazingly talented, she’s an older woman with a wealth of wisdom that she shares while she does my hair. We talk about everything and anything and I love her to pieces. This past week, we were talking about how hard it is to do something nice for some people. […]

Bicycle Riding

My hubby loves to ride a bicycle. He spends all summer being paid to ride. But he wasn’t always such a bicycle nut. His fascination with it didn’t begin until our son took up mountain bike racing. Hubby and I took him to races and cheered for him. Whenever Son got a new bike, he […]

Plans Gone Awry, Part 2

Hubby is back home with me. Once again, our well-planned journey didn’t turn out like it was supposed to, but we are getting used to making up things as we go. I flew to Rapid City after getting to the Boise airport an hour too early and almost missing the connection in Denver (long story […]