Good-bye 2019

This week marks the end of the Twenty-Teens decade and the beginning of the Twenty-Twenties. I’m having a hard time getting my head around the fact that 2020 has arrived. That date seems so…space-aged! Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars and interplanetary commerce by now? When I was a girl, I watched the Jetsons […]

Recycle Y’all

Hubby sometimes tracks the floating plastic mass the size of a small continent in the Pacific Ocean. No one knows what to do about it or how to clean it up. I have an idea. They could heat it so it all sticks together, cover it with dirt, plant a few trees, put a milk […]

In Full Swing

The holiday season is in full swing. I finished shopping early this year, or so I thought, until I realized I hadn’t bought anything for Hubby. And as our usual tradition, I forgot to shop for my own stocking stuffers, so it’s back out with the crowds this week to fulfill those last few items. […]

Generation Gaps

Last Sunday, I saw an editorial that praised the term “OK Boomer” as something all the Millennials and Gen X, Y, and Z should say. The basic tenet of the piece was that it’s okay to disrespect elders. It’s not a new idea, but it’s never been a good idea. To echo my grandfather, back […]


November 2019 is finally over, and I’m glad. I don’t mean to wish my life away, but it was a miserable month. Big plans blew up and the deaths of two special people in my life made it a month of tears and sorrow. Paul Bates died this month after suffering for a long time. […]