Thoughts on the Mothers-In-Law

We’ve been home a week and I’m still loving it. Last weekend we helped with the Weiser River Trail October Trek which is a 2-day, 84-mile bicycling event. Hubby had been looking forward to riding the event for weeks, but the day before he hurt his knee. The doctor told him no biking for several […]

Thoughts on the End of Summer

Hubby and I completed the 2014 Summer Sojourn and are now back at home. Being gone from home for 4 months, summer passed in a whirlwind for Hubby and me. I’m glad I kept a journal of our travels because otherwise, I might forget something. We saw so many places that it’s almost a blur. […]

Thoughts on Fall

I must be odd. I don’t like fall and I don’t like seeing the leaves change color. Most people love fall with all the colors. I’m one of the few that don’t. The multicolored trees are pretty in a way, but yellow and gold leaves are the portent to winter and I really don’t like […]

Thoughts on Stuff

Stuff. We all have it. Housefulls of it. Some of it has meaning. Some of it has purpose. Some we’ve forgotten is there. I’m at a point in life that my friends and I are dealing with aging parents. Along with that comes dealing with their stuff. A lifetime of accumulated stuff. What do you […]

Thoughts on Small Towns

I love small towns. That might seem funny coming from someone who lives in the largest metroplex in Idaho (over half a million), but Boise is the exception. Boise has a small town feel to it and I really like it there, but it’s not as peaceful as a small town. I’ve lived in small […]

Supplemental Thoughts on Camping

I made it. From summers of staying home to work to a summer full of camping. Not that summer is over, but I feel triumphant because I made it past the 17-day long stint. It was hard some days—mentally hard, that is—but it was worth it. I’m glad it’s over, but I’m glad I did […]

Thoughts on Hubby’s Friends

One of the purposes of our summer sojourn was camping near bicycle trails that Hubby could mark off his list of places to ride. He made the campground reservations according to which places were closest to the trails. Notice I said his list of trails. I limit myself to riding only trails that are not […]

Thoughts on Museums

Museums are some of my favorite places. Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved history books, historical sites, and history in general. I’ve visited every kind of museum, from national museums to regional museums to small local museums. I generally like them all so high on my list of things to do this summer […]