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Welcome Readers

First, let me answer the question I’m asked most often: how do you say your last name? It’s pronounced CARE. I love that name because I care about you having good books to read and enjoy. I care about making my books fun to read and are well done. I care about having my books show that good always wins and love is the greatest of all. 

I’m a self-published author from the Black Hills of South Dakota where I live with my Hubby of over 40 years. I’ve loved to write my whole life, but it wasn’t until I retired that I could focus my energy into writing fiction and non-fiction books. 

Each week, I post a new blog about the things I see, do, and remember. You never know what messes I get myself into.

Please read my books. Leave reviews. Tell your friends. Let’s have a blessed day.

Mechanical Awareness

Last week, I admitted to being totally ignorant about financial matters when I was much younger. This week, let me tell you how stupid I

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Financial Literacy

Last night, Hubby and I were laughing about my first forays into adulthood: getting a loan. My dad gave me the loan papers to fill

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Don’t Tell Our Kids

Growing up with a stern father made us kids fearful of what would happen if he found out we’d participated in some shenanigan or did

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I’m tired! I’m over Covid, so it’s not related to that. I attribute it to the several days spent visiting my parents which is stressful.

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Tough Week

Over the holidays, Hubby and I enjoyed two weeks with our kids in their home. Hubby traveled home to South Dakota for a week, and

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Here We Go into 2024

On Christmas Eve, I announced on Facebook that I wouldn’t be writing over the holidays. I tried not to but couldn’t help myself. Too many

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