First, let me answer the question I’m asked most often: how do you say your last name? It’s pronounced CARE. I love that name. It’s what we all should do. Care. I’m a self-published author from the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S. where I live with my Hubby of over 40 years. I’ve loved to write my whole life, but it wasn’t until I retired that I could focus that energy into writing fiction and non-fiction books. It’s become one of the joys of my life. Each week, I post a new blog about the things I see, I do, and I remember. Please join me in my adventures. Read my books. Leave reviews. Tell your friends. Let’s have a blessed day.
Thoughts on Good Sense
Hubby sent me a definition of common sense: a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by (common to) nearly all…
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Last week’s blog (https://cskjar.com/2019/03/thoughts-on-representation/) mentioned President Lincoln’s second inaugural address given on March 4, 1865. At that time, the Civil War was nearing its end.…
Thoughts on Representation
In Congress this past week, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) fumed over the moderate Democrats who wouldn’t back her agenda. She raged and threatened because…
The Book
When Hubby and I married, I was introduced to one of his family’s traditions. Every car must have The Book. The Book has every oil…
Rejoicing at War's End
Last week, I talked about the joy felt when wars ended (see https://cskjar.com/2019/02/i-sound-like-my-granddad/). I spent last week visiting my parents. By coincidence, my dad told…
I Sound Like My Granddad
I’m considered a senior citizen when it comes to discounts. That makes me double blessed: I’ve lived this long, and I get things a little…
It's Super Bowl Day!
My September 2, 2018 blog (
Confrontational Situations
The recent incident in Washington DC where high-school students were mocking a Native American elder while he sang a prayer really ticked me off. As…

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  1. Love to read what you read. You are down to earth and love God, family , friends and traveling.

  2. Can’t wait to get the new book! Loved the others! Hope y’all rwell

    1. Thanks! I’m so happy you enjoyed the book. Please leave a review on Amazon or some other website.

      I’m doing great. I had coffee with Mary Ann today. We have such good talks and solve all our problems. LOL Hope you are well too. Carol

  3. Read The Secrets of the Clock on the way home from the camp meeting…loved it! Couldn’t put it down, but that was good since it was an 8 hour trip home. Good to see you again! Just borrowed the other books (Blessings…,Treasure…) and from the girls room…somehow I don’t think I ever got to read them when they got them for their birthday!

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the book, Charlotte! My folks always told us kids to read while on long trips because it made the miles go by faster. Not everyone can read while driving, but I’ve read a LOT of books in the car.

      Please leave a review somewhere online for the book so others will know too.

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