I am a native Texan and proud to be one. Although I haven’t lived there since childhood, the accent has stayed with me and gives me away. I tell people it’s my cultural heritage.

I was a stay-at-home mom, raising two children while following Hubby’s several career moves. At age 30, I went to go to college and earned degrees in mathematics and math education, minoring in history. My degrees and ability to write well led me a career of technical research and writing. After working in a number of positions, I found my niche as a natural resources technical writer/editor where I worked for many years.

After retiring, I began writing and editing fiction; attending numerous conferences and workshops; and doing all I could to learn the craft of fiction writing. I love sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned. Writing and helping others write brings me a lot of joy.

I started my small business as well, Andonja LLC. The name comes from blending my children’s names and a grandson’s name. Under that business umbrella, I sell my handmade purses, quilts, books, and other craft items.

Hubby and I travel quite a bit around the western states, and have even taken a couple of trips to Europe. But there’s no place like home. I spend my days reading and writing, and Hubby bicycles as often as he can. We are both following our dreams.

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  1. Love the new look of your website. You have done very well. I could use a little help with mine if you ever get time.
    I still have you as a featured site on my home page. It is good to see that at least I refer people to quality sites.
    Love you always, Hubby

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