Thoughts on Fall

I must be odd. I don’t like fall and I don’t like seeing the leaves change color. Most people love fall with all the colors. I’m one of the few that don’t. The multicolored trees are pretty in a way, but yellow and gold leaves are the portent to winter and I really don’t like […]

Thoughts on Stuff

Stuff. We all have it. Housefulls of it. Some of it has meaning. Some of it has purpose. Some we’ve forgotten is there. I’m at a point in life that my friends and I are dealing with aging parents. Along with that comes dealing with their stuff. A lifetime of accumulated stuff. What do you […]

Thoughts on Small Towns

I love small towns. That might seem funny coming from someone who lives in the largest metroplex in Idaho (over half a million), but Boise is the exception. Boise has a small town feel to it and I really like it there, but it’s not as peaceful as a small town. I’ve lived in small […]

Supplemental Thoughts on Camping

I made it. From summers of staying home to work to a summer full of camping. Not that summer is over, but I feel triumphant because I made it past the 17-day long stint. It was hard some days—mentally hard, that is—but it was worth it. I’m glad it’s over, but I’m glad I did […]