Plans Gone Awry

Our carefully-orchestrated, surprise-our-daughter-for-her-birthday trip started about 10 days ago. Nothing turned out as planned. Nothing. First of all, our daughter figured out we were coming to see her before we left. Hubby put the date on his Google calendar, not knowing that she had access to it. Oh well, her surprise came a few days […]

When was America’s Age of Prosperity?

I read an article (I’m always reading something) about a new Congresswoman who said she’d missed America’s age of prosperity. She didn’t really say what time frame she was referring to, but when I googled the term, it says it occurred in the 1920s. That means all except the very elderly missed it. Her statement […]

Love to Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day! No, Hubby dear, it’s not a day Hallmark invented to sell more cards, and it’s not a day flower shops promote to sell more flowers (haha, family joke). It’s a reminder of how much we owe to our loving mothers. Some mothers are not loving, kind, or nurturing; they’re excluded from this […]

Seeing the End of DIY

Years ago, Hubby and I urged his dad to quit doing all the projects around their house. He was in his late 70s and was still going on the roof fixing shingles or crawling through the attic to check the wiring. Even though he was an electrician, his physical abilities were waning, and he had […]