History Lessons of Minidoka

Hubby and I explored Idaho history this past week. Several years ago, the historical museum of Idaho closed for a couple of years so they could completely redo the place. We visited for the first time and were amazed at how updated and modern it looked. There were lots of hands-on activities and short clips […]

A Life of Journaling

Have you ever kept a journal or written in a diary? Do you ever go back and read them? I hope you do because it’s a good way to see how God has worked in your life. When I was a teenager, I got a five-year diary for Christmas. For the next five years, I […]

Spreading Literacy

This past week, I attended a fundraiser for a local facility that provides tutoring in literacy, English, and GED tests. A non-profit organization, they have one yearly fundraiser to fund their building, the administrators, and faculty. They have a board of directors and maybe four women who run the place and work with the many […]