Schools in My Day…

This past week, a friend and I were discussing how much schools have changed since we started elementary school.  She was in rural South Dakota and went to a one-room school. I started school in Tyler, Texas at a school called Dixie. My grandfather told me he loved going to a one-room school. Students heard […]

Trip to Gettysburg, Part II

Of the three battlefields my sister and I visited, the battle of Gettysburg occurred last. It marked Robert E. Lee’s second invasion of the North. He wanted to take the war there with the hope it would speed its end. The cavalries of the two sides had skirmishes miles away the day before the battle. […]

Trip to Gettysburg, Part I

I tagged along with my sister on a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She is an avid history reader, focusing mostly on Civil War history. It was her dream to visit the biggest battlefield of them all, Gettysburg. When she said she was going, I asked if I could tag along. I love history, and a […]