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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

A Trip Back in Time

Last year, my two brothers, my sister, and I traveled to Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, Appomattox, and Manasses battlefields. We called it the First Annual Siblings Trip, not knowing at the time whether it would an annual event or not, but it sounded hopeful. As it turned out, we all enjoyed it so much that we […]

Cody, Wyoming and Romance Writers

If you’ve never been to Cody, Wyoming, you should plan a trip there. It’s a charming city with a lot ot see and do. Hubby and I were there for several days earlier this month (August 2023) for the Cody Romance Roundup, a book signing event, and we had a blast. As you know from […]

The Aurora and One-Room Schools

The Aurora Borealis appeared in spectacular fashion last Sunday night while I was home alone and was uncomfortable going out to dark places late at night by myself. The photos people took of the multicolored spectacle were amazing. I didn’t worry too much about missing them because it was supposed to be just as beautiful […]

Historical Draws

Hubby and I are big fans of national parks and national monuments. Many of them provide a glimpse back into history. Whenever we’re close, we like to visit and see what’s there. We both have Golden Age passes so it’s free to get into National Parks and Monuments so why not go see them. I […]

My Little Friends

You know how little kids like having their favorite stuffed animal or doll around to comfort them? My inner child is alive and well inside me because I have my little comforting friends on my writing desk, up front where I can see them. I’ve shown them in the photo. On the left is a […]

Trip to Pierre

Hubby was born and raised in the second smallest state capital in the United States: Pierre, South Dakota. It currently has a little over 14,000 people living there which makes it a cozy little town on the banks of the Missouri River. Founded in 1867, it was chosen to be the new state’s capital in […]

Schools in My Day…

This past week, a friend and I were discussing how much schools have changed since we started elementary school.  She was in rural South Dakota and went to a one-room school. I started school in Tyler, Texas at a school called Dixie. My grandfather told me he loved going to a one-room school. Students heard […]

Trip to Gettysburg, Part II

Of the three battlefields my sister and I visited, the battle of Gettysburg occurred last. It marked Robert E. Lee’s second invasion of the North. He wanted to take the war there with the hope it would speed its end. The cavalries of the two sides had skirmishes miles away the day before the battle. […]