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Six days after I retired, Hubby and I bought a brand-new pop-up tent trailer for camping.   We didn’t start out thinking we would buy one, but had planned to spend the summer sleeping in our tent with our cots and blow-up mattress pads. Funny how when faced with 4 months of sleeping discomfort, purchasing decisions are easier to make.

I left for Texas the day before Hubby picked up the camper, so he was left with learning its intricacies and packing it. I really dodged that bullet! He worked nearly all that night to get ready to leave the next morning for six weeks. I have to give him high kudos for accomplishing that task. He brought all we needed (so far) and without too much extra stuff (other than all his bicycling paraphernalia). We are making a list of how to round out stocking our little Taj-Matrailer for Phases II and III of the summer.

Part of my retirement training has involved trailer set-up processes. Our first night, I stood back and watched or waited for detailed instructions on what to do. The second time, I was fully involved, although some instruction had to be repeated—my memory isn’t what it used to be. But in short order, we have a well-developed drill for putting it up and taking it down so that the time is shortened for both. It’s nice inside and is quite comfortable. We even have heated mattresses for those nights that are on the cold side of the thermometer.

Stuffing two independent people in such a small space has caused a little friction, but we keep a sense of humor about it all. Together we made a very important decision: on odd days, I get my way. And on even days, he gets his way. If Hubby is smart, he will put a calendar on the list of things to bring in the future. Otherwise, every day is going to be odd.

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