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Maybe you’ve noticed that this website says “Books by C.S. Kjar” and maybe you’re wondering where those books are. They are still on my computer, being edited and rewritten, and made as good as I can make them before releasing them.

I love writing and have for a long time. I have written five books (most in rough draft) and one is written in my head, but not on the computer yet. I thought my books were pretty much ready for printing, but after attending the West Texas Writing Academy, I found that they are further from ready than I thought. And they also said that you should have two books ready to publish initially. Yikes! But I have a sense of direction and am treading that way.

Writing books is a lot of work that takes a lot of time. It’s a crafted art for which I have taken a number of classes in an effort to sharpen my skills and storytelling abilities. I have to thank one of my teachers, Lucinda Moebius, for all her help and instruction. She has written several sci-fi books and a paranormal book which you might like. She has also written a how-to book on writing and publishing. Check it out. And I have to thank Margie Lawson, one of my instructors at the West Texas Writing Academy, who taught me how to deep edit. Both women have taught me a lot and I am excited to use what I have learned in my stories.

It is my intention to write books that tell a good story without obscenities or sex or other “filler,” as I call it. A good story can be told without that stuff. That way, anyone can read my books and enjoy them. That’s more important to me than having a New York Times bestseller. Short-sighted? Maybe. Too noble? Maybe. Low ambitions? Not at all.

I like to write all kinds of books: adventurous romance, childrens, non-fiction. I also have an idea for a sci-fi book that I started, but never completed. I hate being boxed into one genre like most authors are. So I will likely published through Amazon and make both ebooks and hard copy available to anyone who would like to read them. Collectively, my books will fall under the Andonja Books umbrella, meaning that they are books for any age or reader. They will be appropriate for teenagers or preteens read them without fearing what they may pick up from them.

So please be patient with me. I am traveling and trying my best to get some writing or editing done every day. It’s slow part-time work, but I hope you will find that it was worth waiting for. In the meantime, I am sharing my thoughts on my experiences and travels. I hope you will enjoy them and I hope they will make you think about your own experiences and travels. Thanks for taking the time to share with me.

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