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It’s the time of year when people give thanks for what they have. I don’t wait until a day in November to be thankful for the bounty and blessings I have. I am thankful for them each and every day.

I am thankful to be a Christian and the spiritual gifts and blessings that come from living a life in the good way. I wouldn’t be who I am without that.

I am thankful for my family and that I have not yet known the grief of losing a parent, a sibling, a spouse, or a child. I am thankful Hubby has stuck with me for 38 years and counting. I am blessed that I have lived long enough to see the outstanding kind of people my children became. I am grateful for my children and the good people they are. I am thankful for their spouses who take good care of them. And I’m really thankful for a grandson who is turning into quite the personality. I hope I get to see him grow up.

I am thankful for all my friends and for the happiness they give me. I am thankful that they give me a shoulder to lean on when I need it and lend me an ear when I can’t keep it inside any more. I am thankful for the friends I have known most of my life who are still willing to keep in touch.

I am very thankful for continuing good health. Oh, I’m starting to feel and experience the effects of age, but at this time, there is nothing “big” wrong with me. I am thankful to be mobile and strong.

I am thankful for technology that allows me to keep in close touch with family and friends. I’m thankful for the airlines that take me to see them. I’m thankful for our vehicles that run dependably and take us to see friends and family. I’m thankful for the heated mattresses in our pop-up trailer.

I am thankful to live in America where I am free to worship without persecution or threat and free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. I am thankful for all those who serve this nation, protecting us from all kinds of threats and helping when disasters strike.

I’m thankful for food, shelter, and clothing and the relative ease in having those things—thanks farmers and ranchers! I’m thankful for my small pension that allows me to work for myself. I’m thankful for the gifts God has given me, like the gifts of being creative and having a big imagination. I hope to share the results of those gifts with others.

I’m thankful for my memories of the good times. I’m thankful to have traveled a lot of places, seen a lot of things, and met a lot of people. It’s made my life fuller.

I am very thankful for all this and much much more. There’s no way to list it all. I hope everyone who reads this will make your own list and be grateful every day. I am thankful for you and grateful to you. Thanks!

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