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It’s only a few days before Christmas and I am struggling to finish homemade Christmas gifts. I tried not to wait until the last minute to start, starting three weeks before Christmas. It’s not my fault that I’ve had to rip out so many seams. Is it?

When I’m in a hurry, why does every little thing go wrong? When I’m late for an appointment, every light between me and my destination is red or turns red right before I get there. And when I’m early for an appointment and have time to sit at red lights, every light I come to is green, causing me to get there way too early. Why is that?

That’s how it’s gone with these sewing projects. I’ve tried to be very careful. Measure twice and cut once. Pin things together. Sew the seam and look at the finished side. Why didn’t it turn out right? Something looks wonky so stitching has to come out. My little ripper once again comes to the rescue and I’m sewing it over again. And again and again in some cases. As my Mother-In-Law’s little sign says: You rip what you sew. I’m thankful that fabric is forgiving and allows corrections to be made.

When I’m not in a hurry, things go better, just like hitting all those green lights along the way. Less stress means better results. The sewing projects bring a lot of joy when I have time to work on them.

But I can’t take my time on my current projects. Christmas Day waits for no one. The gifts that are supposed to be made with love are behind schedule and at the moment are being made with frustration and lots of ripping. But don’t worry, frustration will turn to love when at long last, I finally get it right. I love making things with my hands and I love giving my projects to people that I love. So it’s a hobby with lots and lots of love involved. It’s all worth the effort.

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