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For me, sewing is such a relaxing hobby. I love taking flat pieces of fabric with flowers, stripes, dots, and other patterns and cut them into shapes. And I must add that my experience as a geometry and algebra teacher years ago helps tremendously when measuring, cutting, and fitting geometric shapes. Fractions are truly our friends!

sewing1_1-11-2015   sewing2_1-11-2015

Then with a little thread and a nice sewing machine, I connect all these pieces to make something beautiful and/or useful.

It’s not always fun. I spend a lot of time ripping out too. For the table topper pictured here, I got frustrated with ripping so I tried to force it too much and ended up ripping a huge hole in the fabric. I had to buy another yard of material for the backing and start it over. So it didn’t pay to get upset about ripping out…in fact, it cost me more. I must learn patience.

sewing4_1-11-2015   sewing3_1-11-2015

I enjoy making purses too and have patterns and fabric for several more. I especially want to make a new purse for our London/Ireland trip this spring. Then I will turn to making a new quilt for our bed. At my retirement party, my wonderful coworkers gave me a gift certificate for my favorite quilt store. I bought a couple of kits of a quilt called Ties That Bind. I thought that was a fitting name for a quilt from friends. Stay tuned for progress on that project.

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