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Isn’t it funny how the best-laid plans can sometimes go so awry? Hubby and I planned our 10-day trip to South Dakota to help Mother-in-Law move into her new place. We watched the weather and planned our route. I figured out my travel wardrobe and got my warm hat and gloves ready to go.

I also finished putting my book on Amazon, getting it ready for release. Part of the process is getting a hard copy of the book for examination to make sure everything is perfect and ready to go. I ordered my proof copy and had it sent to South Dakota so I could go through it while we drove home.

Then my eye doctor appointment changed all those plans. I’m having cataract surgery soon and this was the pre-op appointment when they measure my eye. When was the last time I wore my contacts. they asked me. This morning, I replied. Oh dear, they said! You’re not supposed to wear them for at least a week prior to measuring. Contacts change the shape of the eyeball so proper measurements cannot be taken if you wear contacts prior. I wish I’d known that. You have to come back next week, they said, for eyeball measurements.

TreasureOfAdonisByCSKjarThe next day we were supposed to leave for South Dakota. I couldn’t come back. I thought about rescheduling the surgery, but our schedule for the next few months is pretty tied up already so I’d have to wait until this fall if I postponed the surgery. I didn’t want to do that since it’s already been postponed once. So with a lot of guilt, I canceled my plans to go to South Dakota. Poor Hubby had to drive all that way by himself. I want to thank him and my aunt- and uncle-in-law for stepping in in my behalf and helping with Mother-in-Law’s move.

So I stayed home full of guilt, but with total control of the TV remote and time to sew and write. Time to relax. Time to get my eye remeasured. I felt more guilty for enjoying it so much.

But my problem was that my book was in South Dakota! Seems like all I’ve done is wait on some aspect of getting it out. I waited for the editor to go through. Waited to proofread it. Waited to get the cover done. And now I’m waiting for the book to come here. I have to put my seal of approval on it. All this waiting is getting old. Sooner or later, all the waiting will come soon and I will be able to share the book with everyone. I’m ready for that day. I need time to work on the next one.

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