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I have one grandchild, which is one more than I thought I’d ever have. I was okay with having none. Not that I wouldn’t have like a whole bunch of them, but it would not ruin my life to have no grandchildren. I would just adopt some and be just as happy.

Then along came this little miracle. A grandson that is really mine. My universe now has a center. Wow, I am an ancestor to someone!

As any grandma, I love being around my grandson who is now 2 years old. He’s old enough that we can interact with each other and so far, it’s been wonderful! He is teaching me the meaning of sweet innocence again. Of such are the kingdom of Heaven. Unless we are as little children, we cannot enter.

He finds wonder in everything and he pulls me into the wonderment with him. How beautiful and delicate is a ladybug. Oh look, here’s a stick. Let’s go poke it into any hole we can find and see what happens. Let’s go to the playground. Watch me slide and you catch me at the bottom. Here’s a dandelion. Watch me blow seeds all over the yard. Well, that last one will be to his father’s chagrin after the seeds come up.

My heart is like the Grinch’s, it’s grown three sizes since my grandson’s arrival. So much love in there to give. My daughter and son-in-law work with at-risk kids who need someone to support them. I would love for some of them to adopt me as a grandma. I could be grandma to many, but don’t come looking for money. I don’t have much. All I have to offer is support, wisdom, advice, and cookies. Those are things that will do a grandchild the most good.

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