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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

I attended the West Texas Writers Academy earlier this month.  I looked forward to it for a year and it went by so quickly.  For several hours a day, I was in a room full of wild imaginations throwing ideas back and forth for every genre.  Aliens, halflings, elderly adventurers, Einstein, lion people, and a changling dog wandered amongst us until we got their stories formulated.  My new friends from class provided a great sounding board when I got stuck while conjuring up in my stories.  I love rubbing shoulders with other authors.  It left me feeling sad that it was over, but happy with the plotting of a new book and an excitement to get back to writing.

After the plotting class, I’ve come up with a new book idea that I’m so excited about that I’m going to stop what I’m working on to start it.  It will be a book about three adventurous elderly people who get caught up in mystery and intrigue when two sisters’ house is burglarized.  They find themselves threatened by a gang from the wrong side of the track, but who is really behind the burglaries?  You must read it to know.

The Academy also provided us with 5 hours of instruction on how to not self-sabotage ourselves and our writing careers.  I spend a lot of time daydreaming (where do you think those stories come from?) when I should be spending more time writing it down.  Or I hear others things calling me to come do them instead of concentrating on my writing.  Or I say to myself when I get some chore done, then I’ll start.  Not a good idea since one chore leads to another.  And yes, I have a bad habit of watching TV too much.  I need to curtail that although sometimes it leads to a new idea.

The Academy provides the feelings and zeal that a revival meeting provides for the soul, just on a different level.  The creativity level.  So with my new storyline and lots of excitement, I begin this new journey into the world of Doris, Betty, and Clarence (my three adventurers- names may change as this goes forward) and their story.

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