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I recently had my second cataract replacement surgery. I’m young to have such troubles, but my eyes have been bad all my life. My doctor told me years ago that I was getting cataracts so I knew it was coming.
In second grade, I sat in the back of the room next to a girl who wore glasses. I couldn’t see the board so I’d borrow her glasses to see what I was supposed to copy down. Sometimes she wouldn’t let me use them so I had to invent ways to go by the board. Each time I passed the board, I’d memorize a little, then go back to my seat and copy it down. I sharpened my pencil over and over again. Or I’d rip pieces of paper, go throw them away, memorize a little more, and then return to my seat to copy it down. Finally I told Mom I couldn’t see the board and she took me to the doctor who promptly put me in strong glasses. My eyes only got worse from there.
I wore special-order contacts for over 30 years because my glasses were so thick and heavy that they were uncomfortable. I loved wearing contacts because I almost felt “normal.” I could see better and I felt better about myself. No one likes looking out from behind thick lenses.
Now I have implants that correct my vision. No more glasses and no more contacts. That’s freedom! The surgery is minimally invasive and doesn’t have much pain associated with it. For a day or two, I felt like I had something in my eye. And in return for putting up with that, I get 20/20 vision, something I’ve never had before. What a blessing!
Protect your eyes and take good care of them. Wear UVA/UVB-blocking sunglasses or shades whenever you go outside in the sun. Eat a healthy diet and get your eyes checked once a year. Take care of your eyes so they’ll last you a lifetime.

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