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I can’t believe it. We’ve been home for four weeks and I’ve loved it. My bed, my closet, my kitchen, my sewing room, and best of all, my bathroom that is used by just the two of us. It’s been wonderful! I get tired of using bathrooms and showers that hundreds of other people use. But never mind that…
I think I’ve finally figured out the difference between me wanting to be home and Hubby’s wanting to travel 24/7. I’m very sociable. I love meeting friends for lunch or coffee or anything as long as we spend time together talking and laughing. I love going to meetings and events around town and running into people I know. I like being with people I know well. I really enjoy that.
On the other hand, Hubby loves doing whatever he wants when he wants without having to worry about anyone else. He doesn’t care if he knows anyone there or not because he’ll make acquaintances as he goes. He meets lots of interesting people and has lots of interesting experiences that way. I get to enjoy them too.
I’m not saying either way is good or bad. It’s just the way we are. Understanding what the problem or issue is is the first step in finding a good way to deal with all of it. Progress has been made.
During the past four weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time in the eye doctor’s office. I had cataract surgery and a laser treatment of the other eye. Both procedures went well, but it takes a while for my eyes to heal. I’ll be putting drops in my eyes for another month. I’m grateful to be able to see without contacts or glasses for the first time in over 50 years.
I am on my way to Texas to do some book signings. I have much better luck in that state than I do at home so I’m really looking forward to it. It won’t be a week-long trip, but will last the rest of November so it’s back on the road I go! Oh well, at least I got 4 weeks at home.

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