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Since we travel so much, we have to carefully schedule all our doctor appointments so that we’re home when it’s time. We’ve been blessed with good health insurance all of our married lives thanks so the government job of Hubby’s. It’s a huge blessing that we never take for granted.
We always take advantage of the preventative care services since the insurance pays for them. Since they didn’t pay much for the dental preventative services, we had to get additional insurance for that. Hubby and I try to take care of our dental health since it’s been linked to so many diseases. It costs SO much to stay on top of all the preventative care things, but it costs more to deal with what you didn’t prevent.
Moving around like we have, we’ve found some really good doctors and dentists along the way, but it’s really hard to find them. Some of the places we’ve lived are so small, there’s not much choice which makes the process a little easier. But living in larger places, it’s harder to find someone you like. Too many to choose from and you know nothing about them. When I first moved to Boise, I asked friends for doctor recommendations and ended up with one that I didn’t like. I changed and am much happier.
I picked a dentist at random from our preferred service providers. She’s not my favorite dentist by a long shot, but she has the best dental hygienist I’ve ever gone to. He spends 10 times more time with me than the dentist does and I like that. He’s more caring and concerned than my dentist seems to be. He’s a young man, tall, blonde, tan, and handsome. The stereotypical surfer dude. But he’s the most gentle and thorough hygienist ever. He told me that he treats his patients the same way he wants to be treated when he gets his teeth cleaned. My teeth are cleaner than with anyone else I’ve been to. He’s great and I’m lucky to be his patient.
Dental health has been tied to overall health for a while now. So keeping our mouths and teeth in good shape helps us with other conditions such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and other conditions. One dentist told me if I neglect my teeth, they’d leave me. So as with eyesight, take care of your teeth so they’ll last you lifetime. I just have to find a way to afford it.

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