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Heartwarming Small-Town Romances and Thrilling Mysteries

We live a long ways from our families so we when we have the rare opportunity to host family members, it’s a thrill! I even break out the apron and plan meals to cook. I don’t do that when it’s just Hubby and I. Our meal planning usually consists of, “What do you want for supper?”
“I don’t care. What do you want?”
“I don’t know. What do we have?”
“Nothing. We ate all the leftovers.”
“Humm. I don’t know.”
Yep, that’s my meal planning strategy. Making bacon, eggs, and hash browns is our fall back because we usually keep those things around for emergencies such as having no left overs.
Back to family, I love having them around especially in my home. We live so far away from all of them that I am usually the one traveling to their houses. I get excited for them to come see me because I want them to see where I live and let me take care of them for a while. It gives me joy to repay their hospitality.
This past week, my Warrant-Officer-in-the-Army nephew has been moving from one base to another and the route just happened to go past my house. We hosted his wife and two children for a couple of nights. What a thrill to exercise my grandmother skills with his 2 year old son and 7 month old daughter. I got to watch my Pixar movies without guilt, another rarity. She went ahead of him to find a place to live. She’s a brave woman to drive for three days with a toddler and an infant.
My brother and nephew came a day later with the moving van and truck. Both of them were very tired and badly needed rest. I fed them my homemade pizza and gave them a good bed for the night. After a quick breakfast, off they went to continue their trip. I wish we’d had time to visit more and had time to tour Boise. As it was, they got to Boise after dark and left before sunup. Still, I was more than happy to provide a stopping point in their journey. I hope they visit again sometime so we can visit more and they can see the city.

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