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I am a self-published author. In last week’s blog, I talked about the process I go through to get my books published. I work hard and put in the necessary work to make my books the very best that I can for my readers. For me, self-publishing isn’t about doing it “the cheap way.” It’s about not being restricted by traditional publishing practices or spending years asking someone to please publish books for me. Self-publishing is freedom.
My books include a little piece of me in them. They’re like my children, something I make, shape, and mold before letting it go out to others. Initially, I was VERY timid about letting anyone read my writings. I’m letting people into my most private musings and I wasn’t ready for that. I was even embarrassed to let others know about my dream of being a writer. For a long time, I hid behind those fears. Then a mentor asked me, what was I afraid of? Being laughed at. Being jeered at. Being a failure. The same fears that stand between most people and their dreams.
One fear I did not express to my mentor was, could I write the kind of book, a wholesome book that would appeal to others? When I researched the big sellers, almost all included at least a little bit of sex or they employed obscenities or satanic themes or something very dark. Most short stories I’ve come across almost give me nightmares because they’re so creepy in some way or another. If that’s the only thing the public at large enjoys reading, then I’m already a failure in the eyes of the general public. But that doesn’t make me a failure in my own eyes.
I refuse to write smut in any form or genre. Not going to do it. Period. I don’t care if that’s what sells. I don’t care if most people won’t read books without slut. All I care about is writing books that I’m proud of and am not ashamed for my family, friends, and others to read. My favorite authors across my lifetime wrote books that didn’t employ street language or sex in their stories and yet they were delightful and memorable. I want to do the same.
I can’t call myself a Christian writer because I don’t follow the strict guidelines for Christian writing. I write stories with a little humor and lots of fun. Good should always triumph over evil and the boy should always get the girl. I hope my readers smile at the end and look for more of my books.
Most of all, I don’t write for fame or fortune, but I write to use the gift that God granted to me: the love of writing stories. I won’t hide His gift in the sand anymore, but give it to the usury to bear interest for Him (I’m seeing who knows their New Testament parables). So I hope you enjoy my books. My books that you don’t have to hide from your kids. My books that anyone can read. Thank you for all your support.

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