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I’ve been hard at work this past week. I pieced together a quilt top and got it to the quilting place. It should be done in time to use on our summer sojourn. When I retired, my co-workers gave me a very nice gift certificate to my favorite quilt store. I got two of the same quilt kit so I could make a quilt large enough for our queen size bed. The name of the pattern is Ties That Bind. That’s such a fitting name for a gift of friendship. I got it two years ago so it was about time to get it put together.
I finished the second draft of my second novel. I printed it out so that I can do the deep editing technique on it to find the holes that need filling in. As I went through the second draft, I made notes to go back and blend some things in. I’ll do that as I deep edit. Putting in the final details makes that light at the end of the tunnel seem a little brighter.
Much of this is possible, or at least made much easier, thanks to my Hubby. He transformed the largest room in the house into my woman cave. Or my Woman Castle (I prefer that verbiage). The largest windows in the house are in here, with a sliding glass door that leads to a balcony where I can look out at the river. The daylight makes the room bright. I have a new craft table that fits alongside my sewing table when I have large quilts to sew. I have new drawer sets to keep my accoutrements organized. My cutting table/drawing table fits in here nicely. I have a new computer setup in the corner, with dual monitors to help me with my writing and other electronic creations. My recliner and a bookcase are in here. And I have a TV for which I am in control of the remote. What more could I ask for?
The only problem with this new setup is that now I don’t want to leave it. It’s my happy place. It’s my creative space. It’s my hideaway. I love it here.
Poor Hubby. He’ll have a harder time getting me away from here for the summer, but I’ll try to go easy on him.

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