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When it comes to elections, I appreciate the right to vote and exercise that right as often as I can. I’m registered as an independent voter because I don’t like any of the parties and don’t want to be affiliated with one. I vote in almost every election, even in local elections where no one is running against the incumbents. If I don’t vote, it’s because I’m out of the area and forgot to vote early.
The last couple of presidential elections, I looked for a block that said “None of the above. Go back and try again.” I didn’t find that block so I either flipped a coin or wrote someone in. In most elections, I usually ended up voting against a candidate more often than I voted for one. Choosing the lesser of two evils is not really a good method for making an election decision.
I’ve watched most of the Republican debates this season. Most are painful to watch because of the lack of civility. They aren’t debates as much as mud wrestling events. Issues aren’t discussed much. Name-calling and degrading others has become the primary debate tactics. The news media and talking heads may think that that’s what needs to be done to win, but it already has me looking for that “None of the above” box so I can make a chad out of. If this is the best America has to offer, we’re doomed.
In my opinion, the political parties and the media have underestimated the ire of the American populace with politicians and their status quo. We’re tired of the positioning, the undermining, and the arrogance of Congress and the President. Both sides try to sidestep the other while overall, nothing is getting done. In general, most people are fed up with the whole kit and caboodle in Washington which, in my opinion again, accounts for the rise of DT.
I’m disgusted with it all, but maybe we Boomers have no one else to blame but ourselves. Our generation is the one who gave rise to civil disobedience when we disagreed with the establishment. Our generation was the one who encouraged the abandonment of civility when trying to make our point. We wanted our children to have it better than we did so we gave them everything they wanted and let them do whatever they wanted. So we are being followed by a generation of ill-mannered, got-to-have-it-and-have-it-now people who don’t know the value of proper debates with points and counterpoints, issues and rebuttals given in a respectful manner. And they don’t know history which might give them a clue about why socialism is not a good idea. Maybe my generation brought this chaos on ourselves and we’re suffering the consequences of our younger-selves’ actions.
I’m anxious and somewhat fearful of what will come about after all is said and done. At the same time, I remember God is in control and that brings me peace. Lots of good people are out there and we shouldn’t forget it. The news media features the squeaky wheels. Those of us who are rolling along in great working order, doing all the work, are unseen and unheard. The ballot box is our chance to be heard. Go out and vote. And thanks to our service men and women who keep that right available to us.

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