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Old friends are some of my greatest blessings. When I refer to “old friends,” I’m not talking about their ages. I’m talking about how long we’ve known each other. Old friends are those who I’ve known since childhood. Long-term friendships are amazing because the relationships get sweeter as the years go by. The best part of having old friends is the shared life history. We knew the same people. We lived through the same events. We are around the same point in life so we have similar experiences and trials that we are facing. Or in the case of being “old,” share the aches, pains, and afflictions of that time of life.
This past week, I had the privilege of hosting two of my oldest friends who live in another state far away. We met when we were in third grade many decades ago (but not saying how many decades). We attended the same junior high and high schools. One sister and I graduated from high school together. We were all in each other’s weddings. After we married though, we moved apart, to different states. Now we keep in touch through texting and phone calls. Every now and again, we happen to be in the same place to sit and talk for hours on end.
Last week’s special visit provided a chance to go back in time. We stayed up late talking and watching movies, just like in the old days. For a little while, our inner, very young selves were allowed free rein and we enjoyed this camaraderie once again. Instead of talking about boyfriends, we talked about our husbands, children, and grandchildren. Instead of dreaming of what our futures might hold, we talk of what blessings came our way.
I had two quilts that needed binding sewed on. We all sat on our sofa and watched Harry Potter movies while each one of us sewed on a section of binding. Between the three of us, we got both quilts done in very short order. Now I have two beautiful quilts that, when I wrap up in them, will remind me of the special time with special friends.
I love growing old with my old friends. I cherish them all. I hope we all live long enough to talk about our great-grandchildren while we sew more quilt bindings on.

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