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It’s Mother’s Day! Or rather Mother’s Week! Why settle for a day to honor someone who loves us for life? So do something for your mother all week and see how many ways you can honor her.
Parenting is a hard job and a lot of work when done right. It’s setting boundaries and enforcing them. It’s providing for your children’s health and wellbeing. It’s making children do things they don’t want to do because it’s what they need to do. It’s providing love, counseling, hugs, and sense of security. It’s holding them when they’re sick, when they’re hurt, when they’re crying, and when they’re happy. It’s teaching them how to do things for themselves, how to work, and how to get along with others. It’s disciplining our children so they know how to recover from disappointments, how to control themselves in any situation, and how to be respectful to everyone. It’s the hardest job you’ll ever have, but will give you the greatest joys you’ll ever know.
So here’s to all those mothers who love their children. Here’s to those mothers who had to wash diapers and hang them on the clothes line. Here’s to the mothers who use disposable diapers. Here’s to the mothers who shuttle kids all over the place. Here’s to the mothers who dry tears and encourage their children to try again. Here’s to the mothers who have children in the cemetery and a hole in their hearts that can’t be filled. Here’s to the mothers who enjoy their grandchildren. Here’s to foster mothers who rescue children from terrible situations. Here’s to the mothers who adopt and love others’ children so that they have a good home to grow up in. Here’s to the mothers whose own mothers are gone. Here’s to mothers who feel like they have reached the end of their patience, but keep on going. Here’s to all mothers everywhere and all the work we do. We have the power to make the world a better place. Use it wisely.

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